About us

Corporate & Chancery Fund Services Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corporate & Chancery Group Limited which has been authorised and regulated by the FSC since 1997.

The Corporate & Chancery Group offer includes a team of international finance, law, accounting, and investment professionals.

Through Corporate & Chancery Group these experts help clients decide upon the optimum fund structure.

The funds are established and administered by Corporate & Chancery Group Limited, an FSC authorised and regulated Management Company.

Corporate & Chancery Group Limited is a boutique management company which specialises in advising Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals on their international tax, succession and trust planning issues.

Our Group is owned and operated by specialist tax and trust professionals, both from the legal profession (UK & Hong Kong Barristers) and the Accountancy Profession (ACCA and ACMA).

The Credit Suisse Group operations were established in Mauritius by Corporate & Chancery in 2003, via the Credit Suisse sub-subsidiary Hofmann Trust Mauritius Limited, later Clariden Leu Trust (Mauritius) Limited. Corporate & Chancery Group Limited have administered and managed Credit Suisse in Mauritius since that time.

Corporate & Chancery Group Limited is the only management company in Mauritius which specialises in NON-CIS Protected Cell Companies that are used as ‘wrappers’ for High Net Worth Investors resident in Europe.

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